Baumatic Washing Machine Error Codes

Take a look at our breakdown of all of the Baumatic washing machine error codes. The list below includes the error code, an explanation of the fault and some of the things you can do to get your washing machine back up and running.

Baumatic washing machines are manufactured by Candy, who is also responsible for manufacturing the popular Hoover washing machines.

Some of the error code explanations for Hoover washing machines and Baumatic washing machines are similar and can help you understand the problem you’re having better.

Baumatic washing machine error codes

F1 Baumatic washing machine error code (sensor failure)

The connection to the temperature sensor is open. This error code is displayed when the temperature sensor reading can’t be received by the control board.

The thermistor should be inspected and the wiring should be checked. It’s common for the wires to become unplugged from the sensor.

If the wiring is good then the thermistor will need to be replaced. Baumatic washing machine thermistors can sometimes be difficult to source.

If the wiring and the thermistor are not at fault, then the control board will be the source of the problem and will need to be replaced.

F2 Baumatic washing machine error code (water level low)

The washing machine has detected that the water supply is not enough to fill the drum.

What to check:

  • Check that the water supply tap is turned on. The tap is often located under the sink close to the machine and has a blue plastic cover.
  • Inspect the fill pipes for bends or kinks. This is common for machines that have recently been installed.
  • Make sure the machine has no leaks. Placing a piece of paper under the machine can be a good check for small leaks.

If the machine has a good water supply and has no obvious signs of leaking, then the water solenoid valves should be inspected for blockages and replaced.

Sometimes the wiring that leads from the control board to the water valves can become trapped or damaged, meaning the valve has no electrical supply. This is evident if the machine is trying to fill and you hear no buzzing from the valve.

Finally, if all other checks have not solved the problem, the printed circuit board should be replaced.

F4 Baumatic washing machine error code (water temperature)

The temperature of the water inside the drum is too low to complete the cycle. Baumatic washing machines will display the F4 error code if the temperature is at least 15°C below the minimum temperature required.

Common reasons for the F4 error code:

  • The heating element has failed
  • The wiring from the control board to the heating element has a break
  • The NTC that is located on the heater has become faulty
  • The control board has failed

This fault code is usually caused by a faulty wash element. The heating elements on Baumatic machines are known for failing and are quite economical to replace. The repair is quite straightforward and can be carried out within around 30 minutes.

F5 Baumatic washing machine error code (machine not draining)

The machine has indicated that the water can’t be drained away. The F5 Baumatic washing machine error code is the most common fault that you will encounter.

What you should do:

  • Inspect the drain pump filter for any obstructions or blockages. It’s common for washing machines to get blocked with items such as coins, clothing, screws and any other small objects that you find in pockets.
  • Make sure that the water waste pipe is free from any blockages. Sometimes the waste pipe will be blocked near the spigot that connects to the plumbing under your sink.
  • Make sure that the sump pipe is free from any blockages. Socks from the drum can sometimes slip in between the door seal and make their way through to the sump pipe.
  • Inspect the wiring leading to the drain pump for breaks or evidence of burning.

If the above checks don’t help in clearing the F5 fault code, the drain pump should be replaced.

If your washing machine has had any blockages in the past that the pump has had to deal with, it may have a damaged impeller.

Finally, the last thing that you should do is replace the printed circuit board (PCB). The control board could have failed and is not sending power down to the drain pump.

F31 Baumatic washing machine error code (tachometer)

The machine has detected that the tacho has an open circuit. The tachometer is located at the rear of the motor and is responsible for regulating the spin speed.

Sometimes you can visually inspect the motor and see that the wiring from the tacho has broken or has become damaged.

Normally the motor will need to be replaced to fix this fault. Some Baumatic washing machines share their spare parts with Hoover and Candy washing machines, meaning that you can often source a motor for your machine.

If the motor is not at fault, then the control module will need to be replaced.

F32 Baumatic washing machine error code (motor failure)

The motor triac has failed. This error code will usually be paired with a machine that can’t turn the drum.

What you should do:

  • Check the motor connection block for signs of damage or burn marks
  • Inspect the motor tachometer wiring
  • Try replacing the motor
  • Replace the control board

The F32 error code is fairly rare and shares a lot of the same faults as the F31 error code.

F41 Baumatic washing machine error code (water overheat)

The machine has detected that the water inside the drum is at least 7°C over the maximum temperature. When the F41 error code I triggered, the machine will stop the cycle in the interest of safety.

Repair advice:

  • Replace the NTC located near the heating element
  • Replace the heater relay on the control module or replace the entire control board

Usually, replacing the thermistor (NTC) will solve this problem and is an easy and straightforward repair.

F43 Baumatic washing machine error code (water not heating)

The machine has detected the water in the drum is not being heated for the wash cycle. This error code will sometimes be displayed a few washes after you have noticed that your clothes are coming out unclean.

What to do:

  • Replace the wash thermistor (NTC)
  • Check the heating element for an open circuit and replace it accordingly
  • Make sure the wiring from the control board to the heating element is in good condition

If the heating element and the NTC are both free from faults, the control board will need to be replaced. If the control board does not send power down to the heating element then the after inside the drum will remain cold.

F61 Baumatic washing machine error code (motor not turning)

The machine has indicated that the motor is not turning. This fault code displays on the machine if it has detected that the motor is turning at least 100RPM slower than expected.

The first thing that you should check is the carbon brushes on the motor. The carbon brushes are located on either side of the motor and will often wear down over time.

If the carbon brushes become too low, power to the motor is obstructed and the drum will fail to turn.

Other reasons for the F61 error:

  • The motor has failed and needs to be replaced
  • The tacho has failed
  • The control board needs to be replaced
  • The motor connector block has become unplugged or has burned out
  • The wiring from the control board to the motor has a break in the connection

In some cases, both the motor and the control board have failed. If the motor fails then it can cause a short circuit on the control board which means they both need to be replaced.

F63 Baumatic washing machine error code (communication error)

The machine is experiencing a communication error. The F63 error code will often clear if you unplug the machine for 5 – 10 minutes and reset the cycle.

If resetting the machine doesn’t solve your problem then you should check the wiring from the display control board to the main control module. Checking all the other cables throughout the machine is also a good idea.

If the wiring all seems to be in good condition, the control module is most likely to be the faulty part. The PCB will need to be replaced with a new one.

The F63 error code is not specific and can be caused by a range of problems, making it a difficult error code to solve.