Are LG Washing Machines Any Good?

finding out if LG washing machines are any good

When you’re searching for a new washing machine you can get lost in the sea of different manufacturers and models. We will be looking into LG washing machines and if they are worth buying.

Just before we delve into the different aspects of LG washing machines let’s just start off by saying we think LG washing machines are excellent and they offer families large drum capacity washing machines with a wide array of features for a reasonable price.

Let’s take a look at why this manufacturer is producing some of the best washing machines on the market.

Why LG washing machines are good

LG offer a wide variety of machines starting from a price point of around £400 and they go all the way up to over £1300 for some models.

The different models all have different specifications but as standard, you can expect a quiet and efficient washing machine that looks great in most kitchens.

LG washing machines in a kitchen

Here are some things we like about LG washers:

  • Most machines are equipped with super silent motors – This means you don’t have to listen to the washing machine take off whilst you’re watching the TV
  • The energy efficiency ratings are fair on the lower-cost models and as you would expect are really high on the more expensive models – This helps you save money in the long run when using your home appliances
  • Most of the spare parts are available for LG washing machines meaning they are very repairable, and you won’t have to replace your machine when it eventually breaks down
  • The standard drum capacity on LG machines is large so they’re great for families that do a lot of washing – A large drum capacity also saves you money because you do fewer washes

An added bonus is that you can often find LG washing machines not only in white but also in grey and graphite colours which is becoming increasingly rare from some manufacturers.

The bad points of LG washing machines

Even though we think LG washing machines are pretty impressive, they’re not without fault like most appliances.

The parts we don’t like about LG washing machines:

  • The spare parts are very expensive in comparison to other manufacturers – At some point, your washing machine may break down and it’s nice to know the repair bill will be affordable even if you do it yourself
  • The display and controls can be confusing for some users – Some people like to have the latest technology and appliances that are jam-packed with features, but this isn’t always the case
  • They are prone to having technical errors and one of the most common being the PE error code – This is a fault related to the water pressure of the machine and is increasingly becoming more common on newer models
  • Most models are capable of a 1400 RPM spin speed which is decent, but you should be able to expect a spin speed of 1600 RPM on machines that carry a high price tag

Overall, it’s mostly positive when it comes to LG appliances, and I wouldn’t let the above points put you off because most of them are common with a lot of washing machines.

Where are LG washing machines made?

LG are a South Korean appliance manufacturer that is massively popular in Europe and especially in the UK.

Although the company originates in South Korea most of the washing machines that are distributed to the UK and retailed are manufactured in Poland.

LG have an assembly factory in Wroclaw in Poland which produces over one million washing machines every year for distribution all over Europe.

If you’re in a different part of the world, then your LG washing machine might not have been manufactured in Europe because LG has factories all over the world.

A good example of this is in the USA. LG have factories in Tennessee and Mexico for distribution across the United States of America.

Common LG washing machine problems

Because LG washing machines have been around for a while now, enough time has passed so that you can determine common faults that they have which are universal across most of their machines.

Here are 3 common faults that you find on LG washing machines:

1. The printed circuit boards fail

One of the worst problems that you can have on a washing machine is arguably circuit board failure.

This is because the printed circuit board (PCB) is normally quite an expensive repair due to the cost of the part.

LG washing machine printed circuit board

It seems that LG washing machines are not immune to this fault, and they are known for having circuit board failures.

One of the positives of LG washing machines is they have all the latest technology and a huge selection of cycles, but this does come at a cost. The circuit boards are more complex, and they seem to have unique and induvial faults.

2. They are prone to drainage faults

Like most washing machines if you leave something in your pockets or forget to use a wash bag for small items such as baby clothes, they can sometimes get stuck in the drain pump.

LG washing machine drain pump assembly

The problem with LG washing machines is that they aren’t great at dealing with blockages and obstructions that go through the drain pump assembly.

It seems that the tubes that push the water through the drain pump assembly are more narrow than other brands and the drain pumps fail more easily when they have to deal with an obstruction.

This is a cause for concern especially if you are someone who likes to do your own repairs because you’ll often find yourself not only removing a blockage but replacing the drain pump at the same time.

3. The bearings fail

After many years of use, most washing machine bearings fail especially if they do a lot of washes or you overload the drum regularly over a long period of time.

loading LG washing machine up with clothing

We have found that the age of LG washing machines can often be much newer when the bearings collapse and fail in comparison to other washing machine brands.

Bearing failure is one of the most expensive repairs that you can have repaired on a washing machine and is one of the main reasons that a machine is deemed to be too expensive to repair.

A good point to touch on is that a lot of LG washers have split drums meaning that the back half of the drum can be replaced as opposed to the full drum assembly. This does reduce the cost of the repair significantly but it’s still expensive nonetheless.

I wouldn’t let this put you off buying an LG washing machine because although they are prone to bearing failure so are most washers and LG has tried to make it a repairable fault which is more than what can be said for other manufacturers.

How to reset an LG washing machine

LG washing machines can display a range of fault and error codes on the display and can sometimes even get stuck in the middle of a cycle.

resetting a LG washing machine

It’s useful to know how to reset your washing machine so that you can fix small faults yourself without having to take the machine apart.

Here is the best way to reset an LG washing machine:

  1. Turn the dial on the display to the off position – This is usually the top position or the twelve o’clock position as some people might know it
  2. Unplug the machine from the electrical supply and wait for roughly 10 – 15 minutes so that all of the capacitors that are on the main control board can discharge – This I so that the control board forgets any errors or the cycle that was running
  3. Connect the machine back up and turn it onto a wash cycle – Try a quick wash or another short cycle so that you can test the machine

If you’re still having trouble with your machine and it’s displaying a fault code, you might want to head over to our LG washing machine error codes list so that you can get some more information on what might be causing the problem.