Are Hoover Washing Machines Any Good?

figuring out if Hoover washing machines are any good

If you’re thinking about buying a new washing machine, you might be wondering if Hoover is a good brand.

We will be taking a look at Hoover washing machines and letting you know all the information you need to make a good purchase decision.

Before we go any further, we think that Hoover washing machines are good, especially for families that are on a budget. Let’s take a look at why.

What makes Hoover washing machine good

Hoover makes budget washing machines that are extremely affordable for families. They are very stylish and fit into most kitchens nicely.

Most washing machines that Hoover manufacture have a decent sized drum and a fast spin cycle, which means you can do more washing in a more efficient manner.

removing clothes from a washing machine drum

Here are some positives of Hoover washing machines:

  • You can often pick one up starting from £300.
  • Most of the spare parts are available on the market and you can easily repair them.
  • The choice of settings and cycles is usually pretty good on most models.
  • They supply washing machines in both white and black which is becoming quite rare.
  • The pump filter is accessible making unblocking the machine much easier.
  • Most machines have a quick wash cycle.

It’s also great to see that they have stepped up their game in the technology department and supply Wi-Fi enabled washing machines.

What makes Hoover washing machines bad

Although Hoover washing machines have a lot of positives, that doesn’t mean they are all good.

If you’re going to buy a Hoover washing machine, there’s a good chance that you’re probably going to have to replace it in the next 10 years.

washing machine being replaced and installed

This is because most of the parts you see on Hoover washers are not up to the high standards of manufacturers like Miele.

Bad points of Hoover washing machines:

  • The drums are sealed making a bearing replacement impossible – This increases the cost of future repairs.
  • Most of the cheaper machines have really poor energy ratings – This means you use more electricity compared to a machine with a good energy rating.
  • If you want a black or graphite machine, they are usually more expensive.
  • The control boards and motors are prone to failing regularly.

Where are Hoover washing machines made?

The majority of Hoover washing machines are assembled in Italy with the parts being manufactured in China.

showing where hoover washing machines are made on a map

Historically, Hoover washing machines were once made in Wales, more specifically Pentrebach, Merthyr Tydfil. The production facility closed down in 2009 which was over 60 years since it first opened.

The production plant in Wales is now used as a distribution and training centre.

Common Hoover washing machine faults

Hoover washing machines are susceptible to a few different faults that are usually related to the control board.

washing machine in need of a repair

These faults are often displayed with an error code if the machine has an LCD display.

Let’s take a look at 5 common problems with Hoover washing machines:

1. The control boards fail

It’s not uncommon for a washing machine control board to fail, but we have found that Hoover washing machine PCBs fail much more often than other brands.

The big problem with this fault is that the control boards are not interchangeable across different models, and they usually need to be programmed for a specific model.

This makes them difficult to repair because the software and the hardware needed to program the control boards are hard to get ahold of, making Hoover washing machines less repairable.

Some online spare parts retailers supply preprogrammed control boards, but they are only for certain machines.

2. The motors have various problems

If you have owned a Hoover washing machine, you might have come across the E07 or E08 fault code.

Both of these are related to the motor failing or the carbon brushes needing to be replaced.

The carbon brushes on a washing machine wear down over time in a similar fashion to brake pads on a car.

It’s perfectly normal for a washing machine to need the carbon brushes replacing at some point in its life.

Other problems with Hoover washing machine motors include:

  • The motor segments rise up causing the brushes to snap
  • The copper wiring insulation breaks down
  • Sparking while the machine is in use
  • The motor block fails and breaks off

A positive to come out of these problems is that the motors are supplied by Hoover for a reasonable price making the repair straightforward.

3. The bearings fail

Nobody likes it when their washing machine breaks down, especially if it’s an expensive repair.

When the bearings fail in a washing machine, it can often mean it’s time to replace the machine.

Hoover washing machines are equipped with sealed drums, meaning that the bearings can’t be replaced without swapping the entire drum.

The drum on a washing machine is probably the most expensive part to replace. The labour costs associated with this repair are also extremely high.

When washing machine manufacturers fit machines with sealed drums, it makes the repairability go down significantly and promotes a replace instead of a repair attitude.

4. The pumps get blocked and breakdown

If you are somebody who regularly forgets to empty your pockets before loading up your washing machine, you probably want to avoid Hoover washers.

The pumps get blocked really often as opposed to other manufacturers like Zanussi.

This is because the way the pump filter is designed, it still allows objects to contact the pump impeller, meaning the washing machine won’t drain.

If a washing machine pump has to deal with a blockage, it can overheat and damage the pump impeller. This means the pump needs to be replaced.

Luckily Hoover washing machine pumps are manufactured by Askoll and they can be bought for around £10.

How to reset a Hoover washing machine

Although most Hoover washing machines have a programmed test cycle, which allows you to run tests on all of the parts, they don’t have an official reset.

resetting a Hoover washing machine

Some washing machines have a combination reset which allows you to reset the machine by pushing buttons on the display.

This is how to reset a Hoover washing machine:

  1. Set the control knob dial to the off position – this is the 12 o’clock position at the top of the machine.
  2. Remove the plug from the wall socket so it’s disconnected from the power supply in your home.
  3. Wait for around 5 minutes so that all of the capacitors on the main control board are discharged of power.
  4. Reconnect the machine back to the power supply and run some test cycles to see if the problem has gone away.

Most Hoover washing machine error codes that point towards control board failure will be incorrect and will clear once you reset the machine,

If you’re trying to fix an error code that indicates a failed part on the machine, it probably won’t go away by just resetting the control board.

You will have to replace the faulty part that’s causing the error code, more information can be found in our Hoover washing machine error codes walkthrough.


If you’re looking for a budget washing machine that won’t last forever, then Hoover washers are pretty good.

If you have a large family and you need to do multiple washes every day, Hoover is probably not a good option for you. You might be better off investing in a machine with a longer warranty.

Hoover washing machines are sensitive to being overloaded, which means you should buy a machine with a really large drum if you have lots of clothes to wash regularly.

Before you buy a washing machine, the type of drum that’s fitted in the machine is something to look out for. If you like to repair your appliances instead of replacing them, you should be looking at more repairable machines where the bearings can be replaced.